INSUL-DECK Lightweight and fast leave-in-place EPS Concrete forms for floors, roofs and walls.
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Plastbau Technology: Insul-Deck


The fast, flexible and safe method to build a concrete floor or roof that saves labor, time and money

  • Up to 40' spans with Post-Tensioning
  • Up to 30' spans with Non-Post-Tensioning methods

Delivered ready to install
Insul-Deck comes pre-cut to your length and staged for quick assembly. No on-site scrap generated.

Lightweight system requires no crane
Insul-Deck Expanded Polystyrene Forms eliminate heavy material handling equipment. Makes Insul-Deck ideal for difficult sites and conditions.

Insul-Deck Compnent View

Uses less labor
Two laborers can install floors in a multistory building. Trained, experienced crews can install Insul-deck panels, ready for pouring concrete, in an average of one minute per Sq. Ft.

Built-in quality features
Forms are precut to design specs. System benefits — utility chases (or channels) and steel beam furring strips — are built-in. The Expanded Polystyrene material has excellent insulating properties.



INSUL-DECK is a stay-in-place insulating concrete forming system for precast concrete and joisted concrete floors and roofs. The system is the result of years of research ,design and practical field experience.The panels are produced by a  continuous molding production line, able to integrate the insulating capabilities of EPS with the structural strength of metal inserts.

Insulation and beam depth
Ability to vary thickness of concrete beam

Insulation and Beam depth can be varied according to specific job requirements. The ability to vary the depth of the concrete beam can allow clear spans up to 40 feet using Post-Tensioning. By varying the insulation thickness of the panels you obtain an insulating R-value range of R-10 to R-25.

Insulation thickness range
Range of insulation thickness
Drywall attachment
Drywall attachment

The sheet rock is attached with normal drywall screws directly to the metal furring strips.These are an integral part of the panel with a spacing of 12 inches on center.



Piero Cretti – Insul-Deck Inventor

“I believed there was a better way, so I invented one.”

In 1978 I created the Insul-Deck system to fill the need for a strong, versatile floor that was easy to install. Insul-Deck is a new way to build combining the strength, security and structural integrity of concrete with the flexibility of lightweight expanded polystyrene forms. The result is a self-supporting joist-and-deck forming system providing the maximum strength of a reinforced concrete deck with minimal materials and labor.

Architects recognize the wide array of design flexibilities possible with Insul-Deck. Contractors — both commercial and residential — have discovered advantages of building with Insul-Deck. This super-strong system can be used in place of traditional floors, roofs, ceilings and tilt-up wall construction. It’s comparable in cost to conventional construction.

You should demand the performance only Insul-Deck can deliver. With the high cost of energy and an increasing demand for improving the workplace environment, Insul-Deck offers a unique and cost-effective solution for all of your commercial and upscale residential needs. It is also the environmentally responsible answer.

I guarantee you will be completely satisfied with Insul-Deck. It has inspired architects and made floor and roof construction easier for thousands of contractors world wide. What’s more, we remain dedicated to improving our product based on the latest research and development.

Piero Cretti – Insul-Deck Inventor
U.S. Patent Number 5,792,481, August 11, 1998


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